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Panasonic Camcorder Tape

With the emergence of digital images, tape may be regarded as an old technology. However, more modern Panasonic camcorders use DVC technology, which is high quality and of a professional standard. There are many advantages to using camcorders with tape technology. Tape does degrade and DVC tapes can easily be uploaded to your computer into digital files. Panasonic camcorder tape is widely available, so you can continue to capture film the old fashioned way.


The most popular type of tape that was developed for camcorders was the DVC and the mini DVCs. DVC stands for digital video cassettes and is a halfway house between being tape and digital, as it can be uploaded to your computer from your camcorder. Mini DVCs are smaller versions of DVCs and are often used in more compact models of camcorders.

DVCs are high quality and usually record 60 minutes of continuous film in SP mode and 90 minutes in LP mode depending on the manufacturer.

Other manufacturers make tapes for Panasonic camcorders, so you can use any make of DVC or mini DVC in your camcorder.


If you have an older Panasonic camera , check that your model is compatible with DVC technology as older types of tape are harder to get hold of. You might want to consider getting a newer Panasonic camcorder as Panasonic DVC tapes are much better than older technologies such as Video 8 and Hi8.


Individual tapes come packaged in a protective case with some labels and inserts you can use to organise your footage. It usually comes in packs of three or five, which means that you'll have plenty of storage space.

These tapes are far more compact that the original VHS technology and will fit easily in a pocket, especially mini DVCs.

With a USB cable, you can usually upload your footage from the camcorder to make digital files on your computer. This is important as tape degrades over time.

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