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Paper Shredder Cross Cut

Keep Sensitive Information Confidential with a Paper Shredder

Whether for home or office use, find here a reliable paper shredder to secure all your confidential personal or business information, whiles securing the cheapest shredder worth far beyond its price. Many affordable options are available on eBay.

How do you select a paper shredder?

Sometimes space is limited, or sometimes a portable solution may serve your needs. Whatever the reason, there are a variety of cost-effective small shredders that will do the job you need. When buying a small paper shredder on eBay, look for an angled paper insert thats easier for desktop use and a paper tray that will be easy to remove frequently.

Is there a difference between a home and office shredder?

Because of different frequencies of use, different volumes of paper, and, likely, different desired levels of security, home and office shredder machines serve different needs. As you choose from Argos paper shredders, ASDA paper shredders, B&M paper shredders, Currys paper shredders, Sainsburys paper shredders, Tesco paper shredders, and Wilko paper shredders, consider your options on the following:

  • Safety - Ideal for users with limited mobility, children, or pets with free roam over the house, some paper shredders have an automatic shutoff sensor to read whether its only paper entering the shredder or whether a hand or paw is coming in contact with it.
  • Security - An office shredder requires a minimum level two or three security, levels determined by the type of cut and difficulty in reading and reassembling any information. For more information on the types of cuts and levels of security, see the manufacturers specifications.
What are the security levels of paper shredding machines?

There are three types of paper shredder cuts: strip-cut, cross-cut, and micro-cut, in increasing levels of security. These security categories are designated DIN P-1 through P-7, with 1 as the widest strip size and 7 as the slimmest and shortest.

  • Strip-cut: Strip cuts are security level DIN P-1 through P-2. Strip-cut document shredders produce the widest strips and cut in a straight line across the document, leaving some information legible and some easy to reconstruct. For home shredder use, without any outstanding security concerns, a strip-cut shredder is often considered sufficient.
  • Cross-cut: Cross cuts have security level DIN P-3 through P-4. Cross-cut document shredders cut in two directions, producing smaller and less linearly connected fragments and suitable for home and some office use.
  • Micro-cut: Micro cuts have security level DIN P-5 through P-7. Micro-cut document shredders reduce paper to the tiniest possible pieces and are used in high-security situations.

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