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Parts for iPhone 5s

Apple shows no sign of slowing down. Now onto their iPhone 7, many of their older models are no longer in production. However, with spare parts for the iPhone 5s, you can keep your old handset going, or even refurbish others to sell on. Most smartphones are made as one solid piece, but with the right tools and know how you will be able to replace almost any part.

A smartphone, particularly with Apple's range of iPhones, are essentially small, handheld computers with the ability to make phone calls. The inside of a phone has a motherboard of sorts on which a number of other bits and pieces are attached to make the whole. Anything from the basics to the integral things such as the processor can be replaced, but it's worth knowing what you are doing before you take things apart.


In today's selfie obsessed age, the camera is one of the most important aspects of a smartphone. Should the lens itself become cracked or scratched, or the internal mechanisms become faulty, then a replacement will definitely be in order. Many iPhone 5s cameras are easy enough to install, simply being plugged into the correct port on the motherboard and slotting the camera through the hole. Other cameras are a touch more complex, with proximity sensors and the likes.

Charging ports

A phone is not much good if it can't be charged. Faulty charging ports can render a phone unusable. These are a bit more complex in terms of installation, requiring screws to hold into place. The alignment with the case is very important as you will need to get the lightning cable in the correct position for it to work.

Loud speaker

It's always handy to know when you're getting a call, so a replacement loudspeaker will let you hear it when it rings, as well as giving you the option to use your phone handsfree and even play your music.


Power is essential, so if you're thinking of refurbishing an old iPhone 5s, then a new battery is probably a good idea. These are fairly straightforward to install and will increase the lifespan of your phone.

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