Assemble Your Own PC With No OS

A PC with no operating system, sometimes known as a barebones PC, is one way you might be able to create a unique desktop computer that suits your needs and preferences. You can install your favourite operating system after you've compiled the hardware of your choice. Exploring the range of options you'll find on eBay can help you choose the right PC with no OS for you.

What are some benefits of a PC with no OS?

The precise benefits you see when you use your PC with no OS will depend on the parts you choose and how you put them all together. However, many desktop PCs with no operating systems can share some basic advantages. Some of the benefits you might see include:

  • Routine components - Although you may wish to add power components and hardware yourself, a PC with no OS will usually include standard parts such as drives, a motherboard, and video cards.
  • Flexibility - Buying a PC with no operating system can make it easier to install your favourite OS. Many PCs include a standard operating system, but there are other choices out there which you may prefer. Completely uninstalling an OS so that you can put a new one in its place can prove difficult.
What kinds of computers have no operating system?

All desktop computers have a form factor. This form factor determines the size, shape, and design of the pieces that house the hardware. If you would like to study the various forms available, you can use the options on eBay's sidebar to browse through the listings according to their designs. Your PC's form factor may help you determine how and where you will set it up and use it. Some common options in this category are:

  • Tower - The regular tower is one of the most common form factors for PCs with no OS. You can set it on top of or under a desk in most cases.
  • Mini-tower - This much smaller version of the standard tower may offer you increased placement options. It might be more convenient to carry this form factor with you.
  • All-in-one - All the hardware components in this form are inside the monitor.
Which parts do PCs with no OS include?

Even without an operating system, most desktop PCs will still include several components. You can use eBay to find the system that has all the hardware you might need. Common components that come with these devices include the monitor, peripherals, processors, RAM memory caches, and hard drives.