Give Your Spa a Professional Look with a Pedicure Chair

A pedicure chair facilitates spa-based foot-care treatments. The chair is designed in a way that the customer is at ease resting on the chair and the technician has easy and complete access to the customer's foot. Thanks to the availability of these highly specialised chairs, you can find them outside of salon settings. Buy a pedicure chair on eBay if you're serious about your spa.

What basic elements make the pedicure chair special?

Though different pedicure chairs differ widely in their appearance, they share three basic elements. There's the seat where the client sits; a foot-sized container/sink/bowl to facilitate foot-washing; and a footrest. The bigger chairs tend to have a pedestal-style dedicated base that bears the entire chair. However, this style isn't something that's common across all large pedicure chairs.

What are the different types of pedicure chairs?

There are three types of pedicure chairs.

  • Piped-in: Piped-in pedicure chairs are completely plumbed. The water for the session flows from your establishment's plumbing system into the bowl.
  • Pipeless: The pipeless chair doesn't have any built-in piping. The water gets poured manually into the bowl. These chairs are a lot more commonly used as they are easier to clean and maintain compared to piped-in chairs.
  • Collapsible: These are chairs made for mobile use or technicians offering pedicure service in vehicles. The chair's collapsible nature makes it easy to carry the chair to multiple locations, such as assisted living centres and retirement communities. These chairs are pipeless too, but much more compact.
What are the features to look for in a pedicure chair?

Though pedicure chairs are not available in many different types, they still offer quite a few variations or choices. The below-mentioned features and their combinations make for the several variations out there.

  • Pedicure chairs are designed for both small and big/tall clients.
  • The chairs offer multiple upholstery options so that you can buy one that seamlessly blends with the décor of your place.
  • Cup holders, magazine racks, iPod ports, Bluetooth speakers, etc. let clients listen to music while their feet are being pampered.
  • The bowl has heating elements that help warm the client's feet. Some pedicure chair bowls have jets that offer a water foot massage.
  • Airbags or rollers in the chair's body offer a soothing body massage.
Are there pedicure chairs specially made for kids?

Some companies do make kid-sized, brightly coloured pedicure chairs. These chairs are equipped with DVD players that keeps kid busy while their feet are being taken care of.