Organise Your Life with the Peli 1510 Travel Gear

The Peli 1510 is a rugged and versatile protector case that is small enough to qualify as hand luggage on most airlines, yet large enough to house all essential photography equipment. The Peli 1510 has an immersion protection rating of IP76 and eBay offers a wide range of options to suit all budgets.

What makes the Peli 1510 such a popular choice for professionals?

The Peli 1510 Protector is manufactured from extremely strong Copolymer Polypropylene using a solid wall construction. 1510 cases are vertically stackable and feature a neoprene rubber lid seal, retractable handle, and built-in wheels. An automatic valve allows pressure equalisation during flight, to protect the case and its contents against atmospheric pressure changes. 1510 protector cases are available in a range of colours, including black, silver, yellow, pink, and desert tan.

How resilient are Peli 1510 cases?

The 1510 case has undergone extensive testing, and either meets or exceeds the requirements embraced by NATO for impact resistance, extreme temperature endurance, and resilience against vibration. As such, the 1510 cases are Stanag 4280/Defstan 81-41 certified for military use.

What insert and divider options are available for the Peli 1510?

Peli manufactures several inserts and dividers for the 1510 protector case. The full range is as follows:

  • The Trekpack divider system consists of a foam lid insert, a foam bottom insert, two perimeter segments, and three divider segments. The dividers can be cut to the required length using the cutting tool provided. This pack allows you to segment the case into a grid-style layout that is customised to fit your equipment.
  • The Padded 1510 divider insert allows you to segment your case in a reconfigurable layout. Individual padded inserts are held in place by strong Velcro strips, allowing the layout to be quickly reconfigured to fit different equipment as needed.
  • Peli 1510 lid organisers attach to the inside of your Peli 1510 lid allowing you to store small items such as SSD cards and cables in the zippable mesh pockets.
  • The 1510 full foam insert set includes bottom foam, lid foam, and two layers of Pick ‘n’ Pluck foam. Pick ‘n’ Pluck foam is pre-cut in a manner that allows individual cubes of foam to be removed, this allows you to create a separate recess for each piece of equipment.
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