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Protect Your Electronics with a Peli 1650 Case

Your valuable electronics need protection, especially when youre going outdoors or moving them from one location to another. The Peli 1650 case can provide your devices with adequate protection. The cases can be configured to store camcorders, cameras, and various other accessories. eBay has a range of Peli products in a variety of colours, including black, desert tan, olive-green, and orange.

What kinds of configurations are available for the Peli 1650 case?

The are three main types of configurations available: with foam, without foam, and with dividers. Each style is designed to provide different levels of protection and versatility.

  • Without Foam: These cases are empty and come without a preset configuration inside. They are suited for those who want a custom-made interior padding set or have very unique items. You can also buy extra foam if you need more padding.
  • With Foam: Foam cases can help absorb shocks in order to protect your electronics. You can cut out cavities to fit your electronics inside the case.
  • Padded Dividers: These cases provide protection for your accessories while leaving space for other items. You can also find cases with dividers if you need extra space for your devices.
What features does the Peli 1650 case offer?

Designed to protect your gear, the Peli 1650 has a multitude of features to help make your photo or video shoots run smoothly. Here are some of the main features available:

  • Waterproof and dustproof: The gap between the body and lid is sealed with an O-ring to provide protection from water and dust.
  • Crushproof: Solid walls and reinforced grids help cases resist strong external pressure. They also have open-cell cores which provide extra padding for your gear.
  • Rubberised handles: Sturdy and comfortable handles enable you to easily carry your gear for extended periods of time.
What are the measurements of the Peli 1650 case?

The exterior measurements of the Peli 1650 are 80 cm x 52 cm x 31 cm. The interior measurements are 74 cm x 46 cm x 26.5 cm, which means there is plenty of secure space for storage. The lid is 4.7-cm deep, so you can easily store cables, memory cards, and other small accessories with the right setup. See the manufacturer site for details.

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