Pencil Cases

Pencil cases are multi-purpose containers that can be used for keeping all of your stationery and art equipment together, or for organising makeup and other small possessions.

You'll find thousands of new and used styles to choose from made by popular brands including Cath Kidston, Kipling and Smiggle.

Pencil cases are available in every colour of the rainbow, from muted blacks and greys to reds, oranges, yellows, greens and blues. There are also several clear styles to choose from that will enable you to see the contents and easily find the equipment you need.

Practical Pencil Cases

Whether you're looking for a plain leather, canvas or wooden pencil case, or something patterned in neoprene or PVC, there's something to suit every taste and budget.

Pencil cases come in a range of shapes and sizes, from cylinders and rectangles to semi circles. Styles with multiple compartments are also available for those who'd like to separate their items.

Novelty Pencil Cases

Nothing is more on trend than a pencil case with a fun and playful print. Choose from emojis, flamingoes, cacti, animal and floral prints. Fun sayings and catchphrases are also an option.

Personalised Pencil Cases

Why not add some personalisation and make your pencil case your own? You'll find several options for customising plain or themed pencil cases and can get your name printed or hand stitched.

Children's Pencil Cases

For kids, choosing a fun pencil case is the best part of stocking up on stationery. No matter what they have stored inside, it's the outside of their pencil case that counts. Younger kids will love pencil cases with designs featuring My Little Pony and their favourite Disney characters.

Stuffed animals that double up as pencil cases are also popular, as are pencil cases shaped like footballs or those in team colours. Doctor Who, The Avengers, Star Wars, Batman and many more themed pencil cases are also available, for older children and younger kids alike.