What You Need to Know About Pennine Folding Campers for Sale

Pennine folding campers are pop-up campers that incorporate the use of a tent built over the trailer to provide space to lounge and dine in when camping. When placed on a camping site, a tent opens up to cover the sleeping area inside the base of the trailer and provides covered lounging and dining areas around the trailer to protect you from insects and the weather.

What models of reasonably priced Pennine folding campers are available?

Pennine made a range of campers from smaller basic units to more luxurious models that offer a wide range of amenities and accessories. The types of used Pennine folding campers for sale on eBay include:

  • Pathfinder Folding Camper: The Pathfinder is the top-of-the-line model, and it comes in two versions, the TC and DL. The TC model is a basic version with a toilet compartment. The DL model is more luxurious and has more options, like a full oven.
  • Fiesta: The model is a T-shaped unit to make room for a kitchen, which protrudes outward. It also has room for a double bed.
  • Countryman: The Countryman model has a luxurious kitchen and galley area, larger than the Fiesta's, and is suitable for couples and small families that do not require a lot of space.
  • Sterling: The Sterling has room for two double beds and a full kitchen with a sink and cold water system.
  • Pullman: The Pullman is very similar to the Sterling model but has a couple of extras, like 12V sockets and a three-way refrigerator. It also has a wardrobe area and a shelf unit with interior lighting.
How many people can sleep in a Pennine folding camper?

The affordable Pennine Countryman folding camper and Fiesta models can hold up to four adults comfortably while the Pathfinder and Sterling models can hold up to six adults in the sleeping berths.

The types of fabric used in Pennine folding campers

Pennine folding campers use canvas and Isacryl to build a tent over the trailer. Canvas was used on models built from 1977 to 2007. Canvas works well in cold weather situations, and the material holds up well over time and usage. In 2008, Pennine made the shift to Isacryl to build the tents for its unique folding campers. Isacryl is an acrylic product that is stronger, easier to clean, and offers better resistance to moisture damage than canvas.