Vintage Photography with Pentax 67

The Pentax 67 has earned a cult following over the years for its portability and excellent lineup of lenses. Medium format Pentax 67 film and Pentax 67 lenses are traditionally used for portraiture and fashion photography, but they're occasionally used by landscape photographers. Several upgrades have been released since the camera's launch, but the original 1969 version remains popular. If you’re in the market for original Pentax 67 lenses, it’s easy to track down vintage offerings.

Is Pentax 67ii an improvement on the original?

The Pentax 67 price is often the same as later cameras thanks to enduring demand. When it comes to the Pentax 67, Ken Rockwell remains an outspoken fan. His Pentax 67 review calls it the easiest portable 6x7 camera available. The Pentax 67ii, which was released in the Nineties, is equally well-loved.

  • The Pentax 67ii is lighter and easier to grip.
  • The 67 model doesn’t have much contrast but, when handled well, it results in a characteristic vintage aesthetic.
  • 67ii has a microprism screen and a greater range of exposures than the 67.
  • 67ii parts are more difficult to access than those of its predecessors.
How can you get the best out of the Pentax 67?

While the Pentax provides excellent negatives, it requires steady hands. It's loved by purists because it forces you to improve your exposure. If you're Photoshop-reliant, however, scanning can prove a challenge.

  • Pentax 67 is large and solid, but if you’re a consummate shaker, a tripod might be needed.
  • The addition of Beattie Screens can result in better contrasts.
  • If you master your exposure, you shouldn’t need to work on scans and Photoshop. Simply save your negatives for later use and larger prints.
  • Using the sharpest possible aperture will improve your image far more than your lens can.
How do you choose your ideal Pentax 67?

The Pentax 6x7 is 67’s predecessor, and it still has many fans. Its ‘87 release saw it upgraded, with better shutter timing and exposure accuracy. This model requires batteries and the ‘98 release came with a computerised range of features, including auto-exposure and matrix metering. The 67ii finally waved goodbye to batteries. Pentax still offers 67 different lenses, many of which carry the brand’s “super-multicoating.”

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