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Pentax SLR Cameras

Pentax is an established brand known for making quality cameras since 1952 and was one of the pioneers of the SLR cameras . Their original layouts of their cameras became standardised with the right handed wind lever and the bottom right mounted rewind release. In fact, when Canon and Nikon introduced their own SLR cameras in 1959 Pentax was already miles ahead, offering the same features at a far lower price, thus introducing many photographers to 35mm SLR film photography.

Vintage Pentax cameras

Pentax SLR cameras are great collector's items with an iconic look that has been featured in popular media since their inception and none are more iconic than the Pentax brand. If you are a collector of vintage cameras, then a Pentax SLR camera is a must have. These are truly a work of art whatever their age, as they were really built to last and were ahead of their era in many ways.

Shooting on Film

They have the advantage of shooting on regular 35mm camera film . 35mm film is the easiest to get a hold of, as it is the most commonly used film size for photography. It also gives the photographer a lot of options when it comes to developing the prints as they can affect the final look of the pictures. It is also a really interesting process learning how to develop film for yourself.

Pentax LX

The Pentax LX was designed for heavy, professional use in an era of exploration. It is rugged, weatherised and sealed against dust, yet it is compact and light. It features an interchangeable focusing screen and viewfinder, as well as an advanced metering system. Its classic design and rugged build make it a perfect pick up, as these film cameras were seriously meant to stand the test of time, allowing you to take professional grade photographs.

Pentax Super-A

This model of camera added fully programmed exposure control, affecting both aperture and shutter speed, to a very light weight and easy to use frame. In 1983 this camera won 'European Camera of the Year' award and a very limited number of these cameras actually have a brass plate affixed to the left-hand side of their body. These are certainly collectors items and can be a real great find, especially the camera of the year editions. In practical use, this camera is lightweight and compact but it also offers a range of settings and is easily one of the best in this line of cameras to use.

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