Protect your Mixing Decks in Transit with a CDJ Flight Case

CD mixing decks and DJ controllers need to arrive on location in perfect working order if you are going to perform. Broken DJ equipment is costly to replace and could result in a missed opportunity to showcase your skills. You can find CDJ flight cases on eBay at affordable prices.

What are CDJ flight cases?Standard DJ flight cases are sized to accommodate vinyl record decks and vinyl records. CDJ flight cases are built to different dimensions to suit digital DJ equipment. Some coffin style CDJ flight cases are designed to accommodate two digital DJ decks and a 12.5" mixing console. CDJ flight cases often also have a fold out laptop shelf and removable loading tray panels which allow you to use your decks inside the flight case.Why do you need flight cases to protect your live performance equipment?

Equipment used for live performances usually takes a lot more punishment than equipment that is kept in a studio. By investing in a quality flight case you can protect your DJ equipment against the inevitable bumps and scrapes that life on the road will bring. In addition to protecting your equipment, flight cases also look professionals and make your equipment easier to transport and handle.

How are traditional flight cases constructed?

Traditional flight cases are built using 9mm plywood panelling with an internal foam layer that protects your equipment against shock and holds it firmly in place. Cabinet grade plywood panelling is coated in a fibreglass, ABS, or vinyl laminate to provide a durable exterior surface that can be wiped clean. Edge strips are generally pop-rivetted in place and constructed out of aluminium. Ball corner plates allow flight cases to be safely stacked on top of each other. Some larger flight cases are also fitted with low profile wheels and multiple handles to make physical handling easier. Here are some CDJ flight case features you might want to look out for:

  • Lockable latches.
  • Laptop shelf.
  • Removeable CD tray panels.
  • High density foam inserts.
  • Built in caster wheels.
  • Ball corner plates.
Can plastic flight cases provide the same level of protection?

Yes, some of the strongest flight cases available are made using moulded polypropylene plastics and high impact resins. Good quality plastic flight cases are capable of providing excellent protection for your DJ equipment.