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Set the Stage for a Great Performance with the Right Lighting Truss

Lighting truss is a specialised aluminium framework structure used to hold lights in place. Uses might include: on stage, at an exhibition, or over a performance area. Lighting truss should be lightweight and easy to transport, and eBay offers a selection of affordable models for a variety of purposes.

Where can you use a lighting or stage truss?

Lighting truss, sometimes called stage truss, is a lightweight but strong framework that allows lighting designers the freedom to hang LED or automated fixtures, "movers", in a choice of positions. Truss rigging can be used in theatres, concerts, performance arts, trade shows, places of worship, arenas, and stadiums. DJ set ups often use stands like these to create a booth area, or to highlight the performer.

What material is lighting truss available in?

Lighting truss is primarily made in aluminium but can also be made in steel. Aluminium is preferable for stage purposes as it is lightweight, durable, and easy to transport. For permanent or high load situations, steel may be preferred. Sections of lighting truss, "sticks", come in different lengths. These can be connected to create structures for the hanging of lighting fixtures, video, audio, or other staging equipment. Common lengths are 1, 2, and 3 metre, as well as 0.5 metre and other smaller components. Trussing is available in configurations of "chords", which are the lengths of aluminium tubing welded with smaller webbing at 45 degree angles to give it strength. Truss comes in two, three, and four chord styles, with three chord being the most commonly used in lighting applications. Lighting truss is manufactured in modular form, or can be custom fabricated to meet a designer's requirements.

What are the advantages of using lighting truss?

If you perform in a variety of situations and provide your own lighting, portable DJ aluminium stage truss may be useful for overcoming a number of challenges:

  • Truss offers hardware that safely and securely holds your lighting fixtures where you need them.
  • Raising lighting features increases their coverage and lifts them out of the way of potential hazards, accidental contact, or vibrations.
  • T-bar stands with tripod bases make a good lighting support for use in many situations.
  • Read the manufacturer's specifications carefully to ensure the correct load, and that it is rated for the weight of your fixtures.
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