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Wow Your Audience with the Right PA Speakers

Whether you're a DJ, a singer, or a musician, achieving great quality sound while performing live show can be challenging. Choosing the right PA system can make the difference between sounding good and sounding great. You can find a great selection of new and used PA speakers and systems at prices to suit a range of budgets on eBay. With speakers of all sizes and types available, you can easily find the right PA for you.

What types of PA systems are available?

PA systems generally fall into one of three categories:

  • Personal PA: These usually consist of a single speaker, or mini-speakers, which serve as the main speaker and monitor for a performer.
  • Mid-size PA: Typically made up of a pair of stand-mounted speakers and wedged monitor speakers.
  • Full-scale PA: These are used in large venues and concert halls and often feature a multi-speaker line array with a complex monitoring system.
What types of PA speakers are there?

Speakers in a PA system are designed to fulfil one of three tasks: main speakers to direct sound to the audience, subwoofers to enhance bass, and monitor speakers so that performers can monitor their sound quality. Speakers are available as either active or passive units, and each system has its own advantages. Active speakers include a power amplifier and crossover, which are enclosed within the same cabinet. Active speakers are also easier to set up. Passive speakers provide greater flexibility for those who plan to expand their PA systems later, but they require a separate amplifier, and in most cases, a separate crossover as well.

What is an all-in-one PA system?

All-in-one systems are portable PA solutions that can deliver sounds comparable to a small or mid-sized PA. Exact features can vary according to the make and model, but they typically include a power mixer and matched speakers.

What should you consider when choosing PA speakers?

To help decide on the right PA speakers, consider the following:

  • The size of the venue and the number of people in the audience.
  • Whether active or passive speakers will suit your needs.
  • How portable your PA system needs to be.
  • How much space you'll need for transporting and storing your speakers.
  • The kinds of sound you'll be producing. For example, PA system requirements for a rock band are considerably different than those of a motivational speaker.
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