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Every DJ Should Have a Good Pair of Loudspeakers

Every DJ should understand that one the most important components to powerful audio equipment is the DJ speakers. Without a good pair of loudspeakers, you’re not hearing the full potential of the audio equipment, and neither is the crowd. Audio equipment will use either active or passive DJ speakers, and knowing the difference is a skill set that every DJ should have.

What’s the difference between active and passive DJ speakers?

Active DJ speakers are self powered, which means you don’t need an amplifier to power them. Each speaker has its own separate volume controls and plugs directly into the mixer. Active DJ speakers are currently trending because they’re an all in one solution. Passive DJ speakers are sometimes considered to be old school and lack the quality of active speakers; however, that’s not the case at all. Passive DJ speakers are just as powerful, but they do require an amplifier to hear the sound.

How do you match the speaker watts to the amplifier?

Watts are important because they will determine the size of the amplifier you should use. For example, if a DJ is using a 2000W amplifier and running 300W RMS loudspeakers, it would be overkill. The volume can barely be turned up before distortion and clipping sound comes out of the speakers. A good tip is to match the RMS rating of the loudspeaker to the amplifier. Here are the typical specs of a 1000 watt amplifier:

  • 550W: Stereo, 2 ohms
  • 350W: Stereo, 4 ohms
  • 215W: Stereo, 8 ohms
  • 700W: Bridged Mono, 8 ohms
  • 1100W: Bridged Mono, 4 ohms
What’s the difference between RMS and peak power speakers?

When it comes to high spikes in audio, peak power is designed to handle it; however, when it comes to uninterrupted streaming audio, it’s not the recommended power. This is where RMS is important. The number on the back of the DJ speaker in RMS is the rating that measures continuous power. Match this number to your amplifier.

How do you choose the right DJ speakers?

The right DJ speakers for your system will depend on both the amplifier and your budget. You want speakers that are lightweight, portable, and pack a punch. You can easily match your current amplifier to a wide variety of top name brand DJ speakers on eBay. They have a great selection to choose from at affordable prices.

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