A Personalised Dressing Gown Adds a Touch of Glamour to Your Life

There are two types of personalised dressing gown adults can purchase from stores like eBay: A gown with a common identifier like "bride" or "Dad," and a gown with fully customised letters of your choosing. The choice depends on the occasion, your budget, and your timeframe, and there is a range of fabrics and styles to suit any price range available at eBay. Whether you're on the hunt for a memorable gift or want to mark a special occasion, a personalised dressing gown offers a nice balance between extravagance and functionality.

Are dressing gowns useful for a bride on her wedding day?

Personalised dressing gowns for brides help mark a wedding day as special, as well as serving a practical purpose. The wedding dress is typically the last thing a bride prepares before walking down the aisle, so she needs something to wear while spending time with her bridal party and getting everything else ready. Dressing gowns are particularly useful for hair and make-up. The bride can wear a personalised dressing gown across town to the salon, and when it's time to put on the dress, she won't have to struggle to pull a shirt over her fancy coif. You can make the day fun for everyone with a ladies' personalised dressing gown for each of the bridesmaids and the mother of the bride as well.

What are the benefits of his and hers gowns?

Personalised dressing gowns with his and hers embroidery make a great anniversary gift. The gowns can set the tone for a relaxing, special time together, and also help bring back memories of a nice weekend. Plus you'll have an easy way to tell your gowns apart.

What fabric is best for dressing gowns?

There's a range of fabrics to choose from in dressing gowns to suit different requirements. You might want to feel sultry, or might be more interested in getting comfortable. Here are a few fabric options, with a brief description of their properties:

  • An Egyptian cotton personalised dressing gown: Egyptian cotton has long been considered the best in the world because the plants produce a finer yarn that weaves into a soft, strong fabric.
  • A personalised dressing gown in silk has a shimmering luxury and is surprisingly durable. Silk helps trap body heat in cool temperatures and wicks away moisture to keep you comfortable.
  • A fleece dressing gown will keep you snuggly warm in the depths of a chill and is a great comfort when stepping out of the shower. Fleece is also a great choice for children.