Protect Your Personal Property With Personalised Luggage Tags

Luggage without tags is prone to get lost. Untagged luggage is more likely to get stolen, misplaced, or mixed up with other people's belongings. eBay has a wide range of stylish and effective personalised luggage tags that minimise the risk of losing luggage during travel.

Benefits of personalised luggage tags

Tags are necessary personalised travel accessories as the process of finding your luggage in a stockpile of similar-looking bags, can be extremely daunting. Your personalised luggage tag can have your name, image, address, phone number, and destination. Therefore, airport staff can contact you in case your luggage turns up in lost and found. Additionally, use tags as your personalised luggage accessories to actively protect your luggage when travelling. Unidentifiable luggage can be accidentally picked up, especially small bags, as it has no visible owner-identifier.

Are there smart luggage tags?

Yes. Smart luggage tags are web-enabled, so you can track them using Bluetooth or a smartphone app. These custom luggage tags have a QR code on the back that can be scanned in case you lose your luggage. Smart tags help you keep tabs on your luggage's progress and know it's exact location.

Types of luggage tag materials

From personalised suitcase tags to carry bags tags, as well as personalised photo luggage tags which have your image, there is an array of luggage tags available on eBay. This means you can choose a design and material that fits your style. Whether you are a regular or an occasional traveller, strong and colourful tags will help you easily identify your bags. Types of tag materials include:

  • Leather: Leather luggage tags are durable and heavy-duty. They also come with a firm-strap and a buckle. This type of tag offers an appealing blend of style and functionality.
  • Silicone/Plastic: Plastic tags often come in a wide variety of bright colours and shapes, for easy identification. If you have many bags, you can use personalised luggage tags of a similar colour to ensure you easily spot your luggage.
  • Paper tags: These are placed inside a plastic sleeve for extra protection.
  • Metal: Stainless steel and aluminium tags are distinctively stout. You can also have your metal luggage tags personalised with your name and phone number.
Are there baby-friendly personalised luggage tags?

Yes. You can get child-friendly tags with smooth ends. As far as child safety is concerned, you can buy tags without sharp ends which will not cut or bruise your children.