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Personalised Wedding Invitations

Invite Family and Friends With Personalised Wedding Invitations

When youre planning a wedding, one of the most important components is the wedding invitation. You can find an array of personalised wedding invitations on eBay. Once you have the invitations in hand, you can start deciding who you want to attend your big day.

What might be included in a set of personalised invitations?

A set of personalised wedding invitations may include a variety of different items. You will want to determine if it includes everything you need based on how you want to send the invites and receive RSVPs.

  • Invitation: It provides the details of the wedding, including the ceremony and the reception.
  • Envelope: The invitation goes into the envelope.
  • RSVP card: This card allows guests to respond with whether they are going or not. It can be a postcard style or include an envelope of its own.
  • Save-the-date card: This one is a small card that allows guests to remember the date of the wedding easily.
How can you personalise the invitations?

There are a number of ways for you to personalise your wedding invitations.

  • Size/shape: Determine the size and shape of your invitation. Some invitations can unfold several times to reveal more details and a map of the venue.
  • Material: Choose the material you want your wedding invitation to be printed on.
  • Theme: Consider a theme for your wedding invitation, which should match the theme of your wedding.
  • Colour: A variety of colours can be found on invitations, such as blue, pink, black, and gold.
  • Decor: You can have invitations adorned with ribbon, lace, pearls, and much more.
What are some of the common themes?

There are a number of themes that you can find on wedding invitations. Such allows you to theme your entire wedding, starting with the invite that goes out to everyone.

  • Beach: Sun and sand is a common theme, even if youre not getting married on an actual beach.
  • Floral: Roses, sunflowers, and other flowers can become your theme.
  • Holiday: Opt for a holiday theme, such as snowflakes for a winter wedding or shamrocks for a St. Patricks Day wedding.
  • Simple: Choose a simple theme with a colour, such as hearts, doves, or butterflies.
What are some of the different materials?

Personalised wedding invitations can include a wide array of materials. These can include what the invitation is printed on as well as what adorns them. Many couples are choosing unique materials to help their invitations stand out. A few of the most common materials are listed below.

  • Card stock
  • Foil
  • Wood veneer
  • Acrylic
  • Ribbon