Own a Peter Max Original

Peter Max is a German-American artist who is known for using bright colors with his pop art, and there are many pieces of original Peter Max art for sale on eBay. You can search through a wide selection to find the Peter Max painting that will be a great addition to your art collection.

What mediums does Peter Max work in?

Peter Max is a painter, and most of his work is in acrylic. He does, however, sometimes create art in oil or watercolor, and some of his watercolors also incorporate ink. Most of his work is done on paper or canvas.

Subjects of Peter Max art

Peter Max art often has subjects of flowers, sailboats, angels, suns, and American symbols, such as the Statue of Liberty and the American flag. He also paints people holding umbrellas and faces in profile. Some of his paintings also incorporate photographs or paintings of famous people and art icons, such as the Mona Lisa.

What should you know when buying a Peter Max painting?

One of the important things to know whenever you are buying a piece of valuable Peter Max art is whether or not it is an original piece. There are many reproductions of famous paintings, but the originals will always be worth more than reproductions. Most of the Peter Max paintings on eBay are originals, but you should always check the listings. You should also find out if the painting that you are thinking about buying is signed. Original, preowned Peter Max art will almost always be signed by the artist, and the signing is another check for authenticity. His signature consists of only his last name. The framing can also influence the value of a Peter Max painting, often adding hundreds of dollars in value, so check the listing to find out if and how the painting is framed to further determine if you think that the asking price is reasonable.

How to choose a Peter Max painting

When you are choosing colorful Peter Max artwork, you can definitely take into account the room that you plan on putting the painting in and choose a painting that will complement it. Since most of the Peter Max art on eBay are originals and of high value, often costing several thousand dollars, there are a couple of other options that might make even more sense. One option is to choose your favorite painting and design a room around it. You can add accents of the dominant colors in the painting into the color scheme of the room. You might also buy Peter Max paintings because they could appreciate in value over time.