Navigate With French Flair on a Peugeot Scooter or Motorbike

Peugeot produces both scooters and motorcycles from 50 cc all the way to 200 cc in engine displacement. There are even scooters with three wheels produced by Peugeot that provide more room and comfort to their two-wheeled brothers. Regardless of what kind of scooter or motorbike you want, you can find a suitable model on eBay.

Can a scooter be ridden with a car license?

Yes. Peugeot’s range of scooters with three wheels can be ridden with a class B car license in the UK. This is because it does not need any work balancing, and will not fall over while idling under normal conditions. Most of Peugeot’s three-wheeled scooters come with a 125 cc engine and include comfort features such as enlarged footrests and backrests for both the driver and pillion passenger. Scooters are easier to park than cars and also have lower emissions.

Delivery scooters by Peugeot

Whether for large fleets or individual operators, Peugeot’s delivery scooters come with a range of useful features:

  • An expanded commercial rack in lieu of a pillion seat for increased carrying capacity.
  • Low fuel and maintenance costs due to fewer moving parts than cars.
  • Free of congestion charges and low parking costs.
  • Low rates of road tax compared to cars.
How many versions of the Peugeot Speedfight scooter are there?

The fourth generation of the Peugeot Speedfight scooter comes in both 50 cc and 125 cc variants, allowing riders age 16 and up with the proper license to ride with ease. All Speedfight models have an automatic gearbox and a four-stroke engine to help save on fuel and maintenance costs. Although all versions of the Speedfight are designed to be sporty, the R-CUP version has extra features, including aluminium running boards, Shuricane disc brakes, and double-stitching on the seat.

The difference between 2T and 4T engines

The main difference between 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines is that a 2T engine has one power stroke per revolution whereas a 4T engine has one power stroke only every two revolutions. Although 2T engines are about twice as powerful as their 4T counterparts, 4Ts are not without their advantages. A 4T engine is more reliable, fuel-efficient, and cheaper to maintain than 2T engines, as well as needing less motor oil. If your priority is power then go for a 2T engine, but if you care more about reliability then a 4T could be your engine of choice.