Be Right On Target with Phil Taylor Darts

Designed and dedicated in tribute to arguably the greatest darts player of all time, Phil Taylor darts are produced by the darts manufacturer, Target in collaboration with the master darts player, Phil Taylor, himself. They're manufactured in different weights, styles, tip and barrel materials, barrel coatings, and flight designs. You can find a large collection of Phil Taylor darts on eBay offered for sale as new or second-hand in a wide range of prices. You can also find previously used Phil Taylor darts on eBay that were manufactured by his previous sponsor, Unicorn. Treat yourself to a set of Phil Taylor darts and be right on target each time.

How heavy are Phil Taylor darts?

Depending on the manufacturer, Phil Taylor darts are produced in weights ranging from 18 grams to 28 grams. See the manufacturer site for details. As the weight of darts is one of their most important attributes, eBay offers subcategories for more convenient searching of darts within your preferred choice of weight. Simply filter results to find the weight that you seek.

Are all Phil Taylor dart barrels made of tungsten?

Although you can also find brass-barrelled Phil Taylor darts, such as the entry-level PHIL TAYLOR POWER BOLT darts, tungsten-barrelled darts are the preferred option among professionals and serious amateur players. The high density of tungsten compared to that of brass enables the manufacturer to achieve the desired weight in a slimmer body. The result is an attractive, streamlined dart that, for many players, is more comfortable to hold and to throw.

What are some popular models of Phil Taylor darts?

All darts players have their preferred design of darts that suits their particular throwing style. As Phil Taylor has demonstrated a throwing style that is second to none over 30 years, it's no surprise that Phil Taylor darts are popular with amateurs and professionals who want to emulate his technique with darts that he helped design. There is a model to suit all players and the range of Phil Taylor darts include:

  • PHIL TAYLOR POWER 8-ZERO: These darts comprise an 80% tungsten barrel and steel tips.
  • PHIL TAYLOR POWER STORM: Designed to be affordable, these are brass-barrelled steel-tipped darts.
  • PHIL TAYLOR POWER SILVERLIGHT GR: Another brass-barrelled steel-tipped model, these are stylish, entry-level darts popular with amateurs.
  • PHIL TAYLOR POWER 9-FIVE GEN 5: These darts comprise a steel tip, and 95% tungsten barrel, sand blasted by hand to enable a more secure grip. In addition, the barrel is protected by a titanium coating.
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