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Philips Headphones

Offering high resolution audio performance and optimised comfort for every user, Philips headphones remain one of the most revered product ranges in the technology market. Philips have produced a variety of styles and designs, so whether you prefer in-ear, ear-hook or on-ear headphones, you will find a style to suit your needs.

In-Ear Headphones

Every pair of Philips headphones offers an exceptional audio performance. What separates each model are the unique features that define them. Philips in-ear headphones are lightweight and suited to an active lifestyle. Taking the SHQ1200 as one example, they weigh just 18g and have been designed with the user in mind. Showcasing waterproof materials within the design, the headphones are both sweat and rain proof and feature anti-slip rubber ear caps to ensure the perfect fit.

Other in-ear headphones feature more traditional silicone eartips, providing multiple spares in different sizes so you can customise them to fit your ears. Not only is this important for your comfort but also for noise reduction. Silicone eartips seal the ear canal, reducing unwanted ambient noise and protecting and enhancing the quality of the high resolution Philips audio.

Ear-Hook Headphones

With a similar method of audio delivery, ear-hook headphones are comparable to in-ear headphones due to the silicone earbuds that fit inside the ear canal. Ear-hook headphones offer an even more secure fit and are even more suited to an active lifestyle, becoming the preferred accessory for exercise and workouts.

The Philips SHS8100 is a fine example of this. Fitting around the outside of the user's ear and with a choice of three silicone earbuds, these ear hook headphones are designed around the shape of your ear for extra comfort during longer periods of listening, whilst still delivering that trademark Philips audio performance. Operating as a reliable soundtrack to your everyday life, ear-hook headphones offer an alternative style so you can choose the right in-ear headphones to suit your needs.

On-ear headphones

The largest style of headphones designed by Philips, on-ear headphones are available in both wireless and wired formats, and both deliver impeccable high resolution audio. The Philips wireless noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones connect wirelessly with one-tap pairing. Without the hassle of tangled wires, a comfortable fit and up to 97% noise reduction, Philips wireless headphones are the perfect audio accessory. With smart controls placed conveniently on the ear pads, it is now easier than ever to navigate your playlist, make phone calls and adjust the volume without taking your phone out of your pocket.

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