Piaggio Scooters: Designed for Comfort, Safety, and Practicality

Historically best known for the production of the Vespa, Piaggio produces a range of innovative scooters. The three-wheeled MP3 scooter range can be ridden with a car license while 50 cc models are ideal for those that are too young for a car license but want greater mobility. eBay has new and used Piaggio scooters in all conditions.

Can Piaggio scooters be ridden on a car license?

Most scooters require a motorbike license to ride. However, some models of Piaggio scooter can be ridden on a car license, making them a practical solution for drivers that want a cost-effective alternative to a car. Laws are subject to change, and riders should always check the latest laws.

Efficient, safe, historically comfortable scooters

Piaggio launched its first scooter, the iconic Vespa, in 1948. Company head, Enrico Piaggio, commissioned the design of a simple vehicle that could be piloted by a man or woman and had room to carry a passenger. The Vespa even had mudguards that would prevent clothes from getting dirty during the ride. The company has released many ranges and models of scooter since this time, but they retain the ease of use, practicality, and convenience of the first models.

What models of Piaggio scooter are there?

Piaggio offers models that range from the entry-level 50 cc to the popular Piaggio 125 MP3. They also manufacture several models with increased power output, up to 400 cc models. The available line-up of Piaggio variants includes the following:

  • 50-125 cc: The 50 cc is ideal for first-time riders, and for those that are not yet old enough to get a car license. This and the 125 cc are the most affordable in the range.
  • 300-400 cc Beverley: The Beverley range of Piaggio MP3 scooters has additional features including enhanced braking, electronic injection, and, in some cases, even satellite navigation. These variants also offer additional power to the rider.
  • The MP3 range: The MP3 range has an innovative three-wheeled design. With improved stability and suspension, it allows anybody with a car license to enjoy the cost-effective running of a scooter without having to take motorbike tests or even Compulsory Basic Training.

Piaggio MP3 250 characteristics

The Piaggio MP3 was the world's first three-wheeled scooter. Designed to meet the rigours of city driving, the Piaggio MP3 250 has tilting two-wheel front suspension and offers improved stability and safety over other styles of scooter. It is stable, safe even in wet conditions, and the suspension offers improved ride comfort. It produces 22.5 bhp, or 16.5kW, total power. Such is the critical acclaim for the Piaggio series, that other manufacturers have announced or launched their own three-wheel scooter models, and Piaggio has upgraded their line-up.