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Pioneer CDJ 350 – DJ Buying Advice

Originally marketed by Pioneer as an entry-level compact disc DJ deck, the CDJ 350 is quite capable of producing professional audio output, making it a good choice for beginners and aspiring DJs. The unit is not only capable of playing compact discs, but also audio from another digital source via its USB port. A good number of CDJ 350 pairs are sold on eBay, as well as individual units, which you can use to upgrade or replace the key components of your current DJ setup.

What audio features does a Pioneer CDJ 350 offer?

There are all sorts of digital features that you can take advantage of to make your DJing sound more professional using a CDJ 350. Both new and second-hand Pioneer CDJ 350 units allow you to select a particular beat by simply hitting the BPM Lock button, which holds the music being played at a certain tempo. Other looping features include:

  • Beat loop matching, which repeats a four-beat riff.
  • Loop dividing, which plays a loop with a different rhythmic pattern.
  • Hot looping, which returns to the start of a loop to play it once more.
  • Real-time, seamless looping.
  • Auto beat looping, which is a good feature for novices.
How large is a CDJ 350 unit?

Smaller and more portable than a vinyl turntable, a Pioneer CDJ 350 is 220mm wide by 288.5mm deep, with a height of 109.2mm. The weight of each deck is 2.3 kilograms. See the manufacturer’s site for further details.

Can you alter the tempo with a CDJ 350?

It is possible to alter the speed of your compact disc's playback by using the tempo controller. Speed alterations of plus or minus 10% are possible when using CDs. If you are adjusting the speed of an MP3 from an external source, you can change the speed of playback by plus or minus 6%.

What other DJ equipment is a CDJ 350 compatible with?

Pioneer developed the CDJ 350 to be compatible with its DJ management software, known as Rekord Box. To be able to DJ properly with a pair of used Pioneer CDJ 350s, you will need a two-channel mixer that has a crossfader, so that you can switch the sound from one source to the other and create more advanced mixes.

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