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Pioneer DJ Decks & Turntables

Be the Heart of the Party With a Pioneer DJ Deck

A solid DJ is at the centre of a great dance party, but a DJ is only as good as his or her equipment. With a Pioneer DJ deck, you can use current audio technology to produce an old-school DJ sound. You will find a variety of affordable Pioneer DJ decks in this collection on eBay.

What are the features of a Pioneer DJ deck?

Pioneer has been producing DJ decks since the late 1990s. The technology has been changing over time, so features will vary by model. Some common features you will find in this collection are:

  • Audio media input: DJ decks are designed to play CDs or digital files from a USB connection. Some models give you both options.
  • Hot cues: You can pre-set several cue points on your digital media and access them at the touch of a button, allowing you to use musical samples in your show.
  • Adjustable looping: Set a musical phrase to loop in the background of your show. Fine tune your loop, controlling the in and out points.
  • Jog dial: This device uses software to simulate the scratch play of a vinyl record on an old-school turntable.
  • Sliding tempo control: Slow the music down or make it frantic.
  • Digital recording: An SD card or USB device can record your productions.
What is the difference between the CDJ and XDJ models?

The XDJ deck series represents the shift in recording technology from compact disc to digital media. As such, the XDJ decks do not have a CD player but USB and SD card ports for musical input. If you are using compact discs for your work as a DJ, you will want one of the CDJ deck models. For something in between, the Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK 3 has both a CD player and a port for digital media. Both XDJ and CDJ models can be found in this eBay collection.

What equipment is needed to use a Pioneer DJ deck?

The deck is just one component in a larger entertainment system. There is other equipment you may need to get the most functionality from your deck, such as:

  • Speakers: The music has to play somewhere, so a good set of speakers is a necessity.
  • Headphones: Most DJs wear headphones so that they can cue music while other music is playing.
  • Equipment case: The safest way to move your equipment from party to party is in a hard case.
  • SD Card: If you want to record your work to use again, a memory card is helpful.
  • Music: You have to provide the music; the DJ deck helps you shape it.
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