Leverage the Versatility of a White T-shirt

A plain white t-shirt is among the most versatile pieces of clothing you can own. It suits different kinds of styles; whether it's layering it under a formal suit or pairing it with jeans. You can find a white t-shirt for any budget on eBay. Browse through a broad selection of sizes, fabrics, and designs for the right white tee.

Which design options are available for plain white t-shirts?

A plain white t-shirt can have a few tweaks that make it stand out. High-low hemlines are some of the details that designers add to plain t-shirts. They give garments a stylish feel without changing too much. Alternatively, you can find white t-shirts with scalloped hems on the sleeves and at the bottom. A white t-shirt can have a front tie, making it ideal for casual wear. Pockets are other features that make plain white t-shirts desirable.

Determining the length of a white t-shirt

The length of a white t-shirt is part of what makes it a good fit. A plain white t-shirt should cover the torso completely and fall slightly below the beltline. If it covers the entire backside, then it's too long, and if it shows part of your waist when you move, it's too short.

Is there a correct GSM pick for a white T-shirt

GSM (grams per square meter) is the metric measurement for the fabric weight and one of the characteristics to consider when choosing a plain white t-shirt. The GSM determines the thickness of a t-shirt. Therefore, your needs will dictate the appropriate weight of the fabric. 180-200 GSM is the standard range for a heavy plain white t-shirt. For a light garment suitable for summer, 130-150 GSM is suitable. If you are getting white t-shirts for promotional purposes, the 100-110 GSM would be suitable.

Different types of cotton fabrics for white plain t-shirts

Cotton is a top choice for white t-shirts. It is a breathable fabric that offers better comfort compared to others. However, cotton t-shirts are not all the same. The material is available in different varieties, which you should consider when picking one. These are:

  • Organic cotton: The fabric is grown with minimal use of fertilisers and pesticides to maintain soil fertility. It is costlier to produce than other variants.
  • Combed cotton: The fabric consist of specially treated fibres that make it softer than basic cotton and, therefore, costs more.
  • Slub cotton: A type of cotton with an added texture that gives it a lumpy appearance. It doesn't cling to the body, is lighter than regular cotton, and doesn't require ironing.