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Plastic Bathroom Shower Caddies and Organisers

A shower caddy, or organiser, is a container designed to hold your toiletries safely and conveniently in one place while you take a shower. They can be portable for taking with you on holiday, semi-permanent by attaching to the shower with suction or permanent with attached with fixtures such as screws and wall plugs. Plastic is easy to clean and does not rust, meaning it can be kept looking fresh and new.

Hanging Shower Caddies and Organisers

Hanging shower caddies can be designed to hang in one place, or can be flexible. Some will hang on the shower head, others on the curtain rail and others over the back of the shower door. Flexible models, such as the Umbra Flex single shelf caddy, can do all three depending on your preference.

Hanging caddies can be small and simple, offering a single shelf or basket, or can be larger with up to 3 shelves or baskets in a vertical formation. Which you choose depends on whether you want something simple to travel with, or whether you'll be using it at home where you might have a lot of toiletries to store.

Suction Shower Caddies and Organisers

For a semi-permanent solution to bathroom storage, caddies with string suction cups are available. They can be easily moved at any point without damaging the wall, but the suction cups are strong enough to keep them in place for as long as you need them, ranging from a single corner shelf or single basket to double or triple organisers. Weight is a consideration if you are choosing a suction model as overloading your storage unit may cause the organiser to fall.

Fixed Shower Caddies and Organisers

For the permanent option, you can find plastic shower caddies and organisers that attach to the wall of your bathroom using screw fixtures and wall plugs. These are typically manufactured from rigid plastic to ensure longevity and have multiple shelves or baskets.

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