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Keep Your Plants Secure with Plastic Plant Pots

Plastic plant pots give you a convenient way to store and grow your plants in a secure environment. eBay has many styles, shapes, and colours to choose from to suit a look you already have or would like to go for. Several different types of plants are suitable to be grown out of a pot, so you can start your own collection of plants using these new or used plastic pots.

How can the pots be used?

The usage of the pot varies depending on the type of pot and the plant being grown. Most pots should be placed on a flat surface. However, some of the plastic plant pots that are available are designed to be hung from a hook. You should also consider the type of plant that you are placing inside of the pot. Two factors to consider are the amount of sunlight that the plant you are growing requires and the ideal temperature for the plant to grow at.

What are some of the different colours available?

You have a choice between several different colours and transparencies when choosing your plastic plant pots. In addition to standard opaque pots, there are some that are made of translucent or transparent plastic, giving you the ability to see the inner workings of your plant. Pots may be available in multiple colours. In addition to colour differences, there are different finishes used on some of the available products. Finishes range from non-reflective matte to glossed finishes that reflect light. Additional gloss character is added in some products through the use of a second material such as a metal coating. Some of the opaque colours available are:

  • Black
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Tan
Are different sizes and shapes available?

Yes, plastic plant pots come in several different sizes and shapes. Pots of a certain style may be available in multiple sizes as well. Shapes vary between products, with some featuring a rounded design while others feature a square design. Body features also differ as some pots feature a larger diameter at their midsections while other pots may feature a uniform expansion in diameter when going from the bottom of the pot to the top of the pot. Pots also feature drainage holes in their designs, so you should consider where the drainage will go when picking a pot. Some of the different sizes available are:

  • 2 litres
  • 6 litres
  • 11 litres
  • 18 litres
  • 25 litres
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