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Plastic Shovels & Spades

Spades and shovels are two of the core tools when it comes to gardening duties. With a whole range of shapes, sizes and types, there’ll always be a spade or shovel that’ll be a perfect fit for the job at hand.

Differences between spades and shovels

It’s useful to know the difference between a spade and a shovel:

  • Spades - Used for digging in the ground, their shape and weight is designed to do just this, so they often have a sharper edge and a less rounded shape. Digging into the ground to remove weeds is one example of when spades would be used.
  • Shovels - Used for shoveling, they often feature a broader shape and are usually longer along the blade. Shovelling topsoil from the ground into a wheelbarrow is a good example of when you would use a shovel

Different styles and features

  • Short handles – Spades with short handles are often known as ‘scoops’, ideal for small jobs like moving compost. Shovels with short handles are often known as ‘trowels’,  and are ideal for digging small amounts of soilfor read for planting
  • Telescopic – Some plastic shovels are telescopic, allowing you to store them easily in your car or garage for an emergency, or as a space-saver when transporting them around. The telescopic element can be found on some snow shovels because of these key benefits
  • Material – Spades and shovels can be made out of fiberglass, plastic, wood, metal or a combination of materials

Commonly used materials

  • Plastic – Snow shovels are usually made of plastic due to its lightweight, portable and rust-free qualities. Plastic spades are also idea for the kids to make sand castles with!
  • Fibreglass – Lightweight and strong, commonly used for the shafts and handles of shovels and spades
  • Wood – Often used for the shaft and handle to provide strong support, sometimes accompanied with a plastic or rubber coating for comfort
  • Aluminium – Lightweight but strong, aluminium is often used in telescopic shovels.
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