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Play Arts Metal Gear Action Figures

Metal Gear Solid is a series of stealth based games which have been incredibly popular. The game's protagonist is a character called Solid Snake, who is a tough and resourceful soldier. As anybody who has played the games will know, they are incredibly detailed, realistic and exciting. Play Arts Metal Gear action figures are quality made articulated models based on the characters from the popular franchise.

Various Metal Gear characters

Play Arts Metal Gear action figures are available as a variety of characters from the games with some characters having several versions, featuring different outfits and designs. As well as Solid Snake action figures, there are others to choose from including characters such as Tretij Rebenok, Raiden, Solid Snake's twin brother Liquid Snake, the female protagonist, Quiet and many more. Each action figure is an accurate representation of the character in the game. They are all based on how they look and are dressed in the different versions of the games.

Included weapons and accessories

Exciting weapons, accessories and replacement parts are often included with Metal Gear action figures . These extra pieces are all character and game specific and can include all kinds of items including a missile launcher, handguns, alternative replacement heads, a breathing mask, a sword and many more. The weapons, accessories and changeable parts can be put together in different combinations with the action figures and, using their articulated bodies, they can be put in a number of dramatic poses and positions.

Original Play Arts packaging

Play Arts action figures are not only a lot of fun, but they are also collectable, as is Metal Gear merchandise of any kind. There are many action figures available with their original packaging included and unopened Metal Gear action figures are highly sought after. It may be worth considering selecting an unopened item if it is to form part of a serious Metal Gear or Play Arts collection, where only the best quality items will do.

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