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Pleated Men's Trousers

Pleated men's trousers have folds at the front just below the waistband. Generally they have one or two folds, but other designs can have more. When the trousers are made the folds are sewn down before the waistband of the trousers is attached.

These folds mean that pleated trousers tend to be a looser fit than flat front trousers or skinny jeans. So they're a great choice for larger men or guys with more athletic builds.

When worn on slim or slender men, however, pleated trousers may look too baggy and have an unflattering silhouette. Men with slighter builds should opt for flat front trousers instead or wear pleated trousers with a tailored suit jacket.

Room to move

Pleated trousers tend to be more comfortable for day-to-day wear than flat front trousers. The extra space afforded by those pleats at the front mean they are a roomier fit.

Another big bonus is the fact that they are more generous around the middle. This means they stay tidier at the waist, so there's less chance of bulging out over the top of the waistband.

Back in style

If pleated trousers don't sound stylish, then think again. Designer menswear fashion labels like Paul Smith have been increasingly adding pleated trousers to their collections. But that doesn't mean you have to buy designer pleated trousers to look good. High street favourites like Next or Marks and Spencer are a good bet for a well-tailored pair.

To stay on trend, choose a pair made from softer fabrics such as wool or flannel. Opting for single or double pleats will minimise the bulk around your waist and help you avoid that outdated 'Grandad look'.

If you're investing in a more expensive pair, wear them with a shorter jacket so you can show off the tailoring of the pleats. To keep your waistline looking neat, finish off the look with a smart leather belt.

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