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Got one to sell?

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Pocket Camcorders

The ideal camcorder combines great picture quality, easy-to-use features and plenty of storage. But most important of all, it should be lightweight and easy to transport. Bulky camcorders have a habit of sitting in a cupboard gathering dust, while pocket camcorders are small enough to bring along on any day out. Capture all the fun in seconds with quick access and convenient storage - they can literally fit in your pocket!

While pocket camcorders may sacrifice some picture quality to achieve their compact size, technological advances mean you can find fantastic all-round recording in remarkably dainty packages. And small doesn't mean fragile, look out for robust waterproof models if you plan to take your camcorder on outdoor adventures.

Memory cards

Pocket camcorders come in a variety of different media formats for storing your footage. MiniDV camcorders record directly onto digital video to produce a superior quality to traditional video tapes. Most camcorder models record onto SD card , which can then be removed and inserted into your laptop or computer for uploading, viewing, editing and storing your videos.

SDHC has a larger capacity than SD, while SDXC has a larger capacity still. Bear in mind that SD formats are not backwards compatible, so your camcorder device must work with your chosen SD capacity. Micro SD is the smallest of the formats, but has the advantage of also being compatible with mobile phones.

Extra features

Pocket camcorders are all about having fun. Many camcorders now have additional features that allow you to get creative with your filming. Special effect functions are a great way of mixing up your filming style, while photo-booth editing software lets you work on and enhance your footage as you go without having to upload it onto a computer.

Digital optical zoom is a useful feature for getting up close and personal with your chosen subject - the bigger the zoom size, the more it will magnify your scene. Motion sensors are also a fun way of programming your pocket camcorder to film when it detects something moving - perhaps if you want to set up an animal watching hide.

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