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Information to Know Before Purchasing “Pokemon Black”

If you have enjoyed the Pokemon video game franchise, you're not alone as it continues to garner a large amount of attention throughout each release. “Pokemon Black” was released in 2010 for the Nintendo DS. Through eBay, you can purchase this title at an affordable price.

What is the plot for “Pokemon Black”?

The plot for the game is like the plots for previous Pokemon games. You play as a character (whose name you decide at the beginning) who leaves home to become a Pokemon master. The objective of the game is to travel across the Unova region. The adventure includes battling fellow Pokemon trainers and gym masters using your own Pokemon. Other objectives throughout the game include:

  • Training your own Pokemon
  • Battling other Pokemon trainers and masters
  • Catching wild Pokemon
What is the gameplay like for “Pokemon Black”?

The gameplay for “Pokemon Black” is an RPG game, meaning that you play as a certain character that roams into different environments. When you encounter either a wild Pokemon or another trainer, you engage them in battle mode. The battle mode is turn-based. Your Pokemon will deal a certain amount of damage when it attacks, and then your opponent's Pokemon will attack afterward. Depending on the matchup, some Pokemon will have more advantages over others, giving you a chance to strategise before certain battles.

On the top screen, you can see your character move around to different areas and have battles. You use the bottom screen for selecting different options and commands, as well as the C-Gear.

How do Wi-Fi capabilities of the DS affect the game?

When connected to Wi-Fi, you can utilise a variety of different features. You can battle other players also competing in “Pokemon Black” or in “Pokemon White” with your own Pokemon. You can also trade Pokemon with other players, giving you the chance to explore the different abilities of other Pokemon you may not have caught yet. In order to access other players, you must utilise the C-Gear at the bottom screen. This will let you know of other players in the surrounding area, as well as your Wi-Fi's connectivity.

Players with Wi-Fi also have access to the Dream World. The Dream World is only allowed for one hour per day. With this feature, you can harvest berries, send and receive different types of Pokemon, and also build a house for yourself and accommodating Pokemon.

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