Catch 'Em All with Pokémon Emerald

Following on from the success of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, Pokémon Emerald game was released in Japan in September 2004, rolling out across the world until the European Union release in October 2005. Despite the game's age, it is still very popular today, being comfortably in the top five Nintendo Game Boy Advance games of all time. The game remains engaging because Pokémon are like something like rock-paper-scissors in that each creature can be bested by another, no matter how powerful or evolved they have become. This simple premise combined with the absorbing gameplay is the reason for the game's enduring popularity. Find a selection of Pokémon Emerald games on eBay.

How do you play the game?

The game's premise is very simple: the player must take their Pokémon and travel across the game map, battling other trainers' Pokémon. Each player can choose between male and female avatars, which are dressed in green clothing. These Pokémon 'learn', becoming more skilled depending on their experience, and occasionally evolving to superior form:

  • The player, known as a trainer, carries a Pokédex in which up to six Pokémon can be carried.
  • The player travels over the game map which is easily navigated with an overhead view and the player able to move in any direction with the touch of a button or two.
  • On encountering other trainers, the player picks one of their Pokémon and sends it off to battle. Whichever Pokémon wins the battle is rewarded with experience points and is therefore stronger and better equipped to win future battles.
Is there downloadable content for Pokémon Emerald?

When the game was first released, downloadable content was in its infancy, which meant that game designers were creating complete storylines and building extra features into the game cartridge from the beginning. Therefore, there was no need for any downloadable content to be released once it did become mainstream, and it is more likely that Nintendo would release DLC with a new game, rather than going back and adding it to older format releases.

What makes Pokémon Emerald different from its predecessors?

In Pokémon Emerald, the characters are given a Pokénav. This allows them to check the game's stats, make calls to other trainers to plan battles, and view the world map. This replaces Trainer's Eyes, and allows players to rebattle Gym Leaders.

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