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Catch 'Em All with a Pokemon DS Game

Become the ultimate Pokemon master and add as many Pokemon as you can to your Pokedex with a Pokemon DS game. The Nintendo DS is the perfect device for playing Pokemon as the role-playing nature of the game works really well on the consoles. With many titles to choose from, it is easy to find a Pokemon DS game for you on eBay.

What does playing a Pokemon DS game involve?

Pokemon is the second-best selling video game franchise of all time. It's success probably lies in the way that the game allows players to role-play and become a champion in the Pokemon world. Games always begin with players choosing a starter Pokemon and then setting off on an adventure, collecting even more Pokemon as they go. Players have to train these Pokemon to help them become strong enough to battle against other Pokemon trainers. The games follow a storyline, which generally is moved on when players beat a gym master in gyms that can often be found in towns. Once the storyline is complete, other features in the game are opened up and players can try and search out Pokemon that they haven't come across on the journey.

What versions of Pokemon are available for the DS?

There is a range of Pokemon games for the DS, including:

  • Pokemon Black and White: These games introduced 150 new Pokemon to the series.
  • Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver: A Pokewalker gadget meant that these games offered something different.
  • Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: This was the first Pokemon game that wasn't a spin-off released on the DS.
  • Pokemon Platinum: This game built on the success of Diamond and Pearl, it is set in the same world but has more features.
  • Pokemon Ranger: A spin-off game, in this version you play as an actual Pokemon rather than a trainer.
What can you expect to receive when you but a Pokemon DS game?

There are lots of listings for Pokemon DS games on eBay. Some will be brand new and so will come with everything, including the cartridge, case, instructions and the Pokewalker if you buy Pokemon Heart Gold or Soul Silver. Some listings will be used and contents may vary, although the least that you will receive is the cartridge. Just make sure that you see plenty of photographs to check that it's in good condition

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