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What to Know About Pokemon Pearl

Pokemon Pearl is a game released in 2006 for the Nintendo DS. The game offers a vast number of different features that make for an entertaining playing experience for new users and longtime fans. For an affordable price on eBay, you can purchase Pokemon Pearl and play it on the Nintendo DS.

What is the plot for Pokemon Pearl?

The basic plot for this game is linear. You play as a character who you are allowed to name and who travels across the Sinnoh region in search of wild Pokemon to capture and train. Along the way, you will also encounter fellow Pokemon trainers that you can battle. In addition to trainers, the character also battles with gym leaders that give badges needed to compete in Pokemon tournaments.

What is the gameplay like for Pokemon Pearl?

Users travel throughout the region to train their Pokemon, as well as to capture the creatures in the wild. You’ll encounter wild Pokemon by wandering around in "Wild" areas of long grass. Eventually, you’ll engage in combat with a wild Pokemon, where it is up to the trainer to use turn-based combat to either defeat or to weaken the wild Pokemon enough to capture them with a Pokeball. In other instances, you will encounter other Pokemon trainers and gym leaders where you must defeat them in combat. In these settings, you can rotate your Pokemon, as well as heal them or give them supplements, in order to give them a competitive advantage over their opponents.

Does Pokemon Pearl introduce a new generation of Pokemon?

Pokemon Pearl introduces 107 new Pokemon while still using others from previous generations. When you begin the game, you are required to pick a new-generation Pokemon of the three presented to you. These Pokemon are:

  • Turtwig: a grass-type Pokemon
  • Chimchar: a fire-type Pokemon
  • Piplup: a water-type Pokemon

Like other Pokemon, when trained and levelled up, these Pokemon eventually evolve in different, stronger versions of themselves. You’ll also encounter Pokemon from previous games in both the wild and in battle with others trainers.

Can other users connect and battle each other and/or trade?

By inserting cartridges of previous Pokemon games from the Game Boy Advance, players can "migrate" those Pokemon onto their DS game. They can also communicate over voice chat and battle or trade through a Wi-Fi connection. Because of this ability, you can get plenty of use out of both new and pre-owned Pokemon Pearl games.

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