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How to Pick Pokemon Trading Card Game Cards and Merchandise

The Pokemon trading card game is a collectible card game for all ages. To play it, you just build a deck of 60 Pokemon cards and battle against an opponent's deck using Energy, Trainer, and other cards to evolve and protect your creatures while trying to knock out your opponent's. Many of the new and vintage Pokemon cards and related merchandise for sale on eBay are collector's items.

Types of Pokemon trading cards and merchandise available

Many cards from the Pokemon card game are sold individually, often in protective sleeves, but Pokemon cards come in a wide variety of formats:

  • Booster pack: These packs contain 9 to 11 randomly selected Pokemon cards depending on the set. Typically, each booster pack has one rare Pokemon card and three uncommon cards. The rest are common.
  • Booster box: These boxes contain 36 booster packs all drawn from a set.
  • Theme deck: Pokemon card game theme decks contain 60 cards for immediate play. These decks tend to have a strategic theme based on a rare Pokemon card. The Rock Steady theme deck from the Burning Shadows set, for instance, is based on the Pokemon Lycanroc.
  • Card bundle: Preowned Pokemon cards are often sold in bundles. These bundles can contain entire sets, and they frequently come in ring binders with removable sheets of card sleeves.
  • Collector's tin: Covered in Pokemon artwork, these tins are ideal for storing Pokemon decks.
Factors to consider when buying Pokemon trading cards

When buying affordable and fun Pokemon trading cards, it's a good idea to keep these factors in mind:

  • Condition: Cards in mint condition can be valuable collector's items, especially ones from early sets.
  • Rarity: Most Pokemon cards have a rarity symbol printed on the bottom right corner. The circle symbol marks common cards, the diamond symbol indicates uncommon cards, and the star symbol designates rare cards. Ultra Rare cards are the rarest of all and feature unique symbols in their corners.
  • Holofoil: Rare and Ultra Rare Pokemon cards sometimes have holographic foil surfaces. Holofoil cards are collector's items.
  • First Edition: A First Edition hallmark in the centre left of a Pokemon card means that the card was among the first of its set to be printed. First Edition cards are very rare.
Which are some of the Pokemon trading card game sets?

Since Pokemon cards entered the market in 1996, dozens of sets have come out. About five sets are released per year. Here are a few exciting Pokemon trading card game sets:

  • Base Set: The first set ever released, the Base Set features first-generation Pokemon such as Pikachu, Gyarados, Electabuzz, and Charizard.
  • Team Rocket: Themed around the criminal organisation Team Rocket, this set features Dark versions of previously released Pokemon. Dark Alakazam, Dark Slowbro, and Dark Weezing are a few of the cards in this set.
  • Ancient Forces: This set came out in 2015 and includes the Mega Evolution feature. This feature lets Pokemon temporarily transform into more powerful fighters.
  • Hidden Fates: This set draws upon the seventh generation of Pokemon revealed in the "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon" games for the Nintendo 3DS.
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