Choose the Right Poker Table for Poker Nights

Playing poker is more exciting on a professional playing surface than on your dining room table. Recreate the feeling of playing poker at the casino with your own poker table or table top to place your poker set and poker chips on. eBay has several options ranging from solid tables and folding tables, to mats and table tops.

Folding poker tables

A folding poker table is a good choice if you don't play poker often or you have limited space. They come in oval, circle, and octagon shapes to suit differing preferences. You can find new poker tables for sale on eBay at low prices.

Poker table layouts and table tops

Folding poker tables are designed to provide easy storage. You may also decide this is the right type of poker table for you if you value convenience and want the table easy to transport when you move. Folding tables that seat 8-10 players are fairly affordable. Another cool option for poker games is the table layout. You can roll out the rubber or felt layout on any table large enough to have a game of poker. Poker table tops tend to be foldable rather than rolled up but work in the same way. Just place them on the table when you want to play poker. If you're interested in rubber layouts, look for those that have non-slip features to help prevent them from sliding across the table. Layouts and tabletops come in oval, circle, octagon, and square shapes. You can find cheap poker table tops and layouts on eBay.

What features do these tables have?

On eBay, it's easy to find a foldable table at a reasonable price, especially if you consider a used poker table for sale. Look for inlaid cup holders, a cushioned top rail, and a reinforced steel frame. You can find a tabletop made of high-grade sienna felt, which resembles the material casinos use in their tables. Solid tables that don't fold are usually more expensive. Although some tables are priced high, you can still find affordable, quality tables in the lower end of the price range.

What are available features in high-end poker tables?

High-end tables may have automatic deck shuffling features to ensure sufficient mixing of the cards before dealing. Another possible feature in these tables is LED lights for a casino-like experience. Many poker tables and table tops feature cup holders. You can find plenty of affordable options with this feature. Do you usually drink beer or other beverages while playing poker? You'll want to choose a table with cup holders. Another feature you may want in your tabletop or table is a padded surface to minimise chip bounce. If you're trying to create a casino-like experience, also consider a table that has a sunken playing surface.