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Polaroid Instant Film Cameras

Instant cameras are different to the likes of digital or film cameras, as they self develop the film into a chemically developed print straight after the picture is taken. Polaroid instant film cameras ensure you treasure those moments with friends and family even more, with the instant prints becoming more sentimental, to be enjoyed in the moment as opposed to at a later date. It's to no wonder they remain a popular type of camera even in the digital age, where they are now considered vintage-esque and come in a range of models, shapes and colours to suit your preferences.

Traditional models 

Polaroid have a number of instant film models to choose from such as the Polaroid Pic-300, the Polaroid One Step 600 and the Polaroid One Step SX-70 cameras. Many of the vintage Polaroid camerasare still very popular, many of which can be a photographer collectors paradise!

The quality of the image you get from an instant camera does differ from digital, however it is a good quality and importantly most of the models have four scene settings to allow you to take photos in different light conditions. You'll be glad to hear most models also have a built-in automatic flash to ensure high quality photos when shooting in low light conditions as well as an auto-focus which helps avoid blurry and out of focus polaroids where possible.

Digital models

Interestingly Polaroid continues to push on the boundaries, bringing out models such as the Polaroid Z2300 instant digital camera that also prints Polaroids. This uses new digital technology with a vintage twist of the classic Polaroids so you can store the images you take on the camera but each image also prints automatically. Who says you can't have the best of both worlds?

Polaroid film and printer paper

Although we are used to instant photos in the digital sense via our smartphones or digital cameras, the beauty about Polaroid instant film cameras is that you can have the physical photograph put up in your home straight away.

Depending on the occasion of your photo, you may choose to use a different type of Polaroid film, looking to opt for a coloured, patterned or textured material instead of the traditional Polaroid printer paper, which is usually a white border around the image. The film size you require may vary depending on the instant film camera you opt for, so ensure it is compatible with your camera model.

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