Complete Your Vintage Toy Collection With Polly Pocket Dolls

Polly Pocket dolls have been a staple for people everywhere from the 1990s until the present. The dolls have always stood their ground as a highly desired item for vintage toy or doll collectors. eBay is the place you can find your next Polly Pocket doll to add to your collection.

The many different Polly Pocket characters to choose from.

There are many different Polly Pocket characters aside from Polly that you can choose from and collect. The other characters still in existence are Shani and Lila. Shani is an intelligent and creative girl who loves gadgets and is a proficient inventor, and Lila is a sweet and fashionable dancer. These two characters have lasted through the many changes Polly Pocket has endured, and there are still five other characters that have been discontinued but can still be collected. Those characters may carry more value for their limited quantities. They are listed here:

  • Lea is a giggly athlete.
  • Crissy is a stylish and outspoken fashion designer.
  • Kerstie is a fun and talented cook.
  • Rick is a prankster and skateboarder.
  • Todd is Rick's quiet best friend.
What kind of vintage Polly Pocket Dolls or accessories are there?

There are many different styles and sets of these cute fashion dolls that you can find and purchase on eBay. The dolls can be seen in foldable cases styled as the original pendant, or they can be seen in more unique playsets and houses, including hot air balloons, flowers, seashells, and storybooks. The dolls are dressed and accessorised in compliance with the cases as mermaids and princesses or fairy tale characters. Over time, more Polly Pocket characters were announced and the cases became more and more lavish with some even doubling as a working clock. Additional accessories can also be purchased with your vintage doll set, including Polly Pocket clothes, spare dolls, or pets.

What affects the value of Polly Pocket dolls?

Vintage Polly Pocket dolls have become a hot commodity if you are interested in collecting old dolls or vintage toys. Vintage dolls tend to sell for quite a bit of money and can be worth even more depending on the condition of the dolls, how old they are, and what the dolls come with, such as additional parts or accessories. In some cases, sets in mint condition or unused can sell for thousands and rare sets in lesser conditions can still sell for hundreds. Searching for vintage Polly Pockets on eBay can help you find a deal for the dolls you are looking for to complete your collection.