Complete Any Look with a Womens Polo Neck Jumper

The polo neck jumper is a must-have for spring and winter weather. With a polo neck jumper, you can count on comfort and warmth while maintaining your personal style. The style, colour, and fabric versatility of the roll-neck sweater makes it a valuable wardrobe piece. Browse through eBay to find a womens polo neck jumper that suits you.

Are there different kinds of polo necks?

Yes. Although the general design may seem the same, not all polo jumpers are the same. There is the classic style where the collar folds on itself for a formal look. The funnel neck has an extended neck that is shorter than the classic polo. It extends about halfway up the neck. A majority of mock/funnel necks are ribbed but zips designs are also common. The cowl is another option where the neck is exaggerated and falls over the collar. When pulled up, a cowl neck reaches up to the ears or higher. This design looks like the jumper has an inbuilt scarf. Roll-neck sweater dresses are other available designs.

What do you wear with a womens polo neck jumper?

Throw a leather jacket over a classic neck polo jumper for a casual style. If you intend to keep it formal, a suit jacket or winter coat will do. Pair a roll-neck with a pair of jeans for a laid back but chic ensemble. You can wear a tunnel polo neck sweater with a skirt, jeans, or formal trousers.

What are the fabric options for womens roll-neck jumpers?

The type of material of a polo neck will determine how warm it is and its look. Some materials are ideal for winter wear while others are suited for spring. Shoppers have several alternatives including:

  • Wool: This fabric is the most common for heavy winter roll-neck sweaters. There are several different types of wool, such as Merino, Shetland, and lambswool, that vary in softness and quality.
  • Cotton: It offers durability and comfort. Cotton is lightweight, which is why it is ideal for slightly chilly weather during spring. It is preferred for casual wear as well. The fabric allows for many colour options.
  • Cashmere: Another type of wool that is used for luxury womens polo neck jumpers. The material is extremely soft, delicate, and warm, so it works well for the cold season.
  • Blends: Some roll-neck sweaters are made from more than one fabric. Combining different materials helps boost certain properties like adding silk to cashmere to make it more refined.