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A Polytunnel Cover Can Enhance Your Plant's Growth

If you are a gardener, winters can be long and hard. Summers can be too short and sometimes not warm enough. Whether you use it for growing seedlings or to grow plants to full growth, a polytunnel cover available on eBay could help enhance your garden.

Should you use clear, opaque or green polytunnel covers?

There is quite a debate about which cover is best. Here are some details about what each type of cover can do.

  • Clear: The clear cover allows in the full amount of sunlight. If there is competition or shaded places in your greenhouse, the plants will grow quickly with not much foliage to get as much sunlight as possible. If not, a clear polytunnel cover will probably work well. Clear sheeting with a lot of light is good for growing seedlings as it gives lots of light and warmth.
  • Opaque or white: This colouring will diffuse the light so that it becomes equal throughout the greenhouse. This creates a more even light throughout that decreases the amount of competition between plants. This is good for plants that you want to grow to larger sizes.
  • Green: This colour reduces the light intensity in the greenhouse. This would be a better colour for plants that prefer shade, as it reduces the kind of light that is absorbed by plants.
What can you grow in a greenhouse in the winter?

You can grow many plants that will make a good salad. These include shallots, onions, lettuce, spinach, kale, etc. If your greenhouse is warm enough, you can even grow things like tomatoes.

What types of greenhouse covers can be purchased?

It all depends on what you need the greenhouse for. There are many styles and sizes to choose from. You can find small ground covers that will warm your soil for the seeds you plant in the spring. These will be removed as soon as the weather is warmer and the seedlings are well established. You can also buy larger greenhouses for growing plants year round. You will find green, clear, and opaque sheeting. You will find them in the shape of a small shed. However, most have a rounded shape.

What do you need to set up your polytunnel cover?

Some cover kits come with everything you need, while others will require the purchase of a few additional items to install. This includes all-weather repair tape and plastic sheeting. You can also purchase heavy-duty anchors to keep your greenhouse firmly anchored. Other possible accessories include potting tables and benches.

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