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Pond & Fountain Equipment & Parts

Ponds are bodies of water added to outdoor, or on occasions, indoor spaces. They provide an environment for fish and other wildlife to thrive, plus they are a relaxing, visually pleasing element for you to enjoy.

Ponds typically include a pumpor filtration system to ensure the water keeps moving and stays oxygenated, which is important if the pond is home to fish or other wildlife.

Different Types Of Pond & Fountain Equipment & Parts

  • Valves- the valves in a pond are important as they help control various mechanics. Depending on what type of pond you have, you may require different valves, including double ball valves, two way flow regulators, slide valves and union ball valves
  • Pond tubing - varying in shape and length, pond tubing helps create a water system in a pond shape or size of your choice. Flexi rubber pipe fittings, solvent weld pipe, pipe connectors, pond hose and rubber boot elbow connectors are just some of the types of pond tubing and accessories available
  • Pump impeller - a rotating part of a centrifugal pump. May be made from metal or plastic

Pond and fountain equipment brands 

Ensure you choose pond and fountain equipment and replacement parts from a reputable brand. This will ensure you only fit high-quality, durable parts to your pond or water feature.

It is also important to ensure any parts you add to your pond are compatible with the fish or other wildlife which live in it. 

Some brands to consider are:

The Benefits Of Pond & Fountain Equipment & Parts

  • Parts and equipment allow for both amateurs and professionals to create, design and maintain their pond
  • Allows for a healthy environment for any inhabitants including fish and other wildlife. 
  • The sound of water running can be very relaxing for some, and help pond owners enjoy their outdoor space
  • A water feature is likely to attract wildlife to your garden 
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