Pond Liners

Ponds make a great feature in any gardenand can be an integral part of the design. Some may have a pond to keep fish, whereas others may have one simply to enjoy the sound of the water running. 

A pond is also an ideal way of encouraging wildlife into the garden, and you may even find that you are helping out a troubled species or two.

Pond liners help with the installation of the pond and maintaining it in the long run. The pre made and pre formed shaped liner for the pond makes the installation process a lot easier, and is likely to last a long time.

Types of pond liner

  • Pre formed - Pre formed pond liners are usually made for PVC or a similar material and are already shaped, ready to be fitted straight into the ground. Most pre formed pond liners are black and are available in various sizes according to the volume of water. Holes for pumps do not normally feature in pre formed pond liners, and will usually need to be cut yourself
  • Loose pond liner - These are thick, waterproof liners that are usually made from rubber. The material is non-toxic, ensuring the safety of the animals in the pond. Loose pond liners can come with a guarantee
  • Underlay - Underlay is a liner to go under the pond liner, providing extra protection and support

Installing pond liners

Great care and attention should be applied when installing a pond liner. Manufacturers advise and instructions should always be followed, and in the case of an amateur installation, expert advice should be sought.

Benefits of pond liners

  • Loose pond liners give you the freedom to create your own shape and style of pond
  • If maintained properly, pond liners can contribute to a long lasting pond
  • Non-toxic products ensures the safety of wildlife
  • Pre moulded pond liners are convenient and can save time when installing the pond

Safety warnings

For those who may have young children, it is recommended that you install a protective netting or mesh around the pond to prevent accidents. Never leave young children unattended when around water.