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Keep Your Aquatic Friends Healthy With a UV Pond Light

When tending to an artificial pond, there are certain precautions you must take in order to keep an underwater ecosystem thriving for the right reasons. One of the accessories you'll need to ensure this is a UV pond light, a device that is available on eBay and helps to keep the water in your pond sterilized against harmful microorganisms. So long as you have a quality pond UV light that fits your pond's size, you should be in the clear when it comes to all sorts of water-borne pests and pestilence that would otherwise devastate your water.

What does a UV pond light do for pond health?

When used in a pond or aquarium, ultraviolet light will sanitize the water as it flows through the lighting unit. Just like in hospitals, UV light kills off various types of harmful bacteria and pathogens that would otherwise infect your fish and other aquatic creatures. It is also extremely effective at destroying the green algae cells, preventing growth within your tank. While it is not the same as a filter, it does an important service in sterilizing the water in a way filters do not. Any suitably large body of water should be used both to ensure the health of the creatures inside.

What is the difference between a clarifier and a sterilizer?

UV lights are typically divided between clarifiers and sterilizers. While they perform similar services, it is important to know the difference between the two before you buy one over the other. Some of their differences may include the following:

  • Sterilizers are powerful: Sterilizers are much more powerful than clarifiers, destroying all forms of algae as opposed to only single-celled varieties. They also fully eliminate all microorganisms in a body of water.
  • Clarifiers work quickly: Clarifiers are typically quicker and are effective at higher flow rates compared to sterilizers that can take time and require slow flowing water to be most effective.
  • Sterilizers can neutralize: Sterilizers' power can act as a hindrance in the presence of medication as any drugs added to the water for the benefit of your underwater animals can often be neutralized by the strong UV light.
How large does a UV light need to be?

The size you'll need to effectively cleanse your pond of harmful organisms will vary based on the size of your pond. While bigger is usually better in these cases, the simplest way to determine whether or not a UV lighting unit will work for your pond or aquarium is to simply check the eBay listing or the manufacturer's website to see how many gallons of water a particular unit is cleared for. If it meets or exceeds the total size of your pond, it should be good to go.

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