Explore Your Options When Choosing Pool Inflatables, Floats, Rafts, and Toys

Pool inflatables such as floats, rafts, and other toys can increase your enjoyment when you're spending time around your pool or when you're heading to the beach to soak in the sun. Knowing what to look for when shopping for new and used pool inflatables can help you make a more informed buying decision. Find a wide selection of floats, rafts, and even funny pool inflatables on eBay.

Differences between inflatable pool floats and pool rafts

The two most common types of inflatable pool toys are swimming pool floats and inflatable rafts. While both types of products are meant for flotation, there are some differences that should be noted before selecting the right inflatable pool toys to use around your home or at the beach.

  • Pool floats: Pool floats often have a design that allows you to enjoy your time in the water in a sitting position. This gives you the ability to take part in activities such as reading a book or maintaining surveillance of the area around you in the water.
  • Pool rafts: Pool rafts offer more of a flat design. This is ideal for those who wish to lounge or tan while spending time in the water. Most pool rafts have some type of pillow for supporting the head.
What should you consider when purchasing inflatable pool toys?

Keep some considerations in mind when choosing pool toys.

  • Intended purposes: Knowing whether you're seeking beach inflatables for adults or want pool party inflatables for children will help you narrow down your search.
  • Theme: Know your theme. Choosing funny pool inflatables gives you the ability to create a theme for your backyard pool parties while inflatable pool floats in softer colours and designs add to the creation of your own relaxing outdoor oasis.
  • Size: The size of the inflatable pool toys you choose should accommodate the space and user. Use larger beach inflatables for adults in pools large enough to accommodate their size without taking up the entire pool area. Likewise, ensure maximum comfort and safety by selecting pool floats and rafts big enough for the person who's going to be using them.
Uses for pool inflatables

Some of the ways you can use your pool floats and rafts include the following:

  • Game stations: Floating basketball hoops or dart games for the pool give you the ability to entertain guests of all ages.
  • Floating food and beverage stations: Use smaller pool inflatables to serve food and beverages while spending time in the water.
  • Create photo opts: Use fun pool inflatables in assorted designs to build themed settings for taking those priceless photos with friends and family at your next poolside gathering.