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Poole Pottery

Poole Pottery

Based in Poole, in Dorset, England, Poole Pottery was founded in 1873 on the Poole quayside and it continued to produce hand-made pottery items until 2006, changing location just once during that time. The Victoria and Albert Museum in London proudly displays several Poole Pottery pieces and they are sought after by collectors worldwide.

Shop by Date

When looking for the latest addition to your Poole Pottery collection - or perhaps starting out with an eye for collecting something new - one of the best ways to shop is by date. Starting with the early Art Deco period (1920-1939) and progressing in roughly 20-year periods until the most recent category, which is 1980-present. The price corresponds to the antiquity, with the older pottery pieces being the most sought after and therefore the more expensive.

Shop by Type

Poole Pottery comes in all shapes and sizes and offers collectors opportunities ranging from utilitarian kitchenware to decorative ornaments and vases. Vases perhaps offer the most stunning variety in terms of shapes, colours and designs, from the classic tall vase with an open neck for fresh flower arrangements, to unusual vintage freeform shapes, which look great used with oasis and dried flowers. Some of the smaller vases might have other uses too - decorative key holders come to mind. Jugs, dinner plates, bowls, cups and saucers are all designed to be utilitarian but for collectors, some of these pieces are too valuable and too beautiful to ever be used for a purpose other than display.

Poole Pottery Animals

Ceramic animals are designed for decoration only and Pool Pottery produced a wide range including seals, birds, otters, badgers and guinea pigs. These glazed creations are not painted to look realistic but there is nevertheless something natural and beguiling about their facial expressions and body postures. Smooth and tactile, they both look and feel beautiful and make the perfect addition to any collection.

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