Portable Camping Toilets & Accessories

Camping Toilets

There are many different types of camping toilets available to choose from. Each one is suited to different camping trips and the personal preference of the user. Camping toilet brands include Outwell, Khyam, Blue Diamond and Kampa Loo-Loo.

Bag Toilets

Bag toilets consist of a single bucket with a bag fastened underneath. It comes with a bowl, legs and a lid that can be folded up or packed away for convenience. Bag toilets take up the least space and powder can be used to convert the waste liquid into a disposable type of soil. With bag toilets, the bag can often be tied to ensure that the toilet itself is as hygienic as possible.

Self-Contained Toilets

Self-contained toilets are a very popular option for those who want to manage their waste effectively. A lot of self-contained toilets have a lid, a very comfortable seat and a flush function. They are much larger when compared to bag toilets. Self-contained toilets are similar to the toilets found on an aeroplane. Self-contained toilets are designed to hold waste for long periods of time with some models available with a compact plumbing system.

Composting Toilets

Composting toilets are very environmentally friendly. They are dry and the waste is decomposed by a specific type of aerobic activity. The toilet is designed to be compact and it has a waterless system. Composting toilets can be used over a long period of time and they can separate liquid and solid waste. Some composting toilets require a solar power source to operate. Composting toilets cannot be moved easily, so they are more suited to trips where a cabin is present or if you are setting up camp for very long periods of time. They are the largest out of the three toilets listed.