Moorcroft Pottery

Moorcroft Pottery

Moorcroft is a prestigious pottery brand who specialise in fine art pottery. The name comes from the designer, William Moorcroft, who launched the brand in 1897. Offering high-quality and exquisite pieces, Moorcroft pottery was appointed the ‘potter to the Queen and was sold in high-end stores such as Harrods and Liberty of London. Moorcroft still offers and supply new designs of pottery, but the early Moorcroft pieces are known to fetch a high sum in auction houses.

Types of Moorcroft Pottery

Creating many designs and pieces, you can find an extensive collection of goods that all range in styles depending on what was popular at the time. Pieces can be made from ceramic, earthenware, ironstone and stoneware, depending on the object in question. Different types of Moorcroft pottery includes vases, bowls, mugs and more.


Moorcroft offers many different types of vase to suit all occasions, from vases for springtime flowers to vases with Christmas designs. Vases can range in design style; the early Moorcroft pieces feature art nouveau decoration while later pieces can be more abstract and modern in their design traits. Moorcroft offers vases throughout their history, so its easy to find the perfect era for you whether you prefer art deco designs or 1980s modernity.


From statement centrepiece bowls to fruit bowls and dishes, you can find many unique bowl types all decorated with beautiful designs and vibrant colours. Moorcroft bowls feature a lot of floral design elements, however, you can find unique designs such as a moon phase design, animals and centenary special editions.


The mugs designed by Moorcroft are usually barrel-shaped mugs and feature an intricate and larger pattern that can be enjoyed from every side. Some of the mug designs include London landmarks, mice and rosehips, Christmas themed and designs inspired by the northern lights.