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Power Adapters and Chargers for HP Pavilion

If you are using the popular HP Pavilion laptop , you don't want to end up with an inferior quality HP laptop power supply. There are a lot of unsafe HP adapters on the market and these are often false economy since they often need to be replaced regularly due to product failure.

Reviewers often give power adaptors and chargers and similar items a bad time because of all the standard problems, but given that this component is likely to experience a good deal of wear and tear over its lifetime, the modest prices for authentic power adapters and chargers for HP Pavilion laptops are worth paying.

The authenticity of the HP Pavilion product can be assured by checking the plug-pins, markings on the adaptor box and any warnings for safety purposes. HP also has proprietary technology in the form of the Hewlett-Packard Smart Pin (or centre pin) on power supply connectors most commonly found on Hewlett Packard Pavilion Laptops (and other HP models). This pin helps protect the device by preventing excessive loading (too much power at one time) and is also used to identify that it is a genuine HP adapter. Checking the voltage specification displayed in the product description will also help you to choose the best option for your HP Pavilion charger or adaptor.

The cord is durable and easy to use, which is important in order to avoid twisting of the cable, with the consequent danger of damaging or breaking the wires inside. A recurring home-made tip among user forums is to pre-tape the ends of all the wires with electrical tape, thereby extending the life of the HP power adaptor or charger even longer by preventing the inevitable wear of the connections.

If you frequently travel, or are on a long journey where family film-watching or gaming drains your laptop battery quickly, D/C/in-car adaptors provide a practical option option for charging on the go. Small and compact in design, they can be plugged into the car's power source via USB.

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